Beyond the News

Immersive Phygital News Experience: Engage with integrated context based video and audio Calls-to-Action and Experiential Infotainment


Weei.Press Phygital News

Revolutionizes news consumption and engagement, with a fusion of entertainment, information and business, offering an interactive journey that transcends traditional boundaries. Interactive call-to-actions empower users to participate actively, shaping their news experience and fostering a dynamic exchange of opportunities.

Experiential. Weei.Press

Revolutionizes news engagement by integrating interactive video and audio elements seamlessly into the content.

Our call-to-actions are synchronized with the context, delivering relevant commercial proposals and experiential messages tailored to the audience's interests.

Experience news like never before, where every interaction is an opportunity to explore, learn, and engage.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Infotainment. Weei.Press

Revolutionizes news with infotainment, integrating news with Interactive Actainment Video Experiences and Ai interactions to engage users, enriching the news ecosystem with relevance and interactivity.

Immersive audio and music, personalized interactive experiences, dynamic storytelling, virtual tours, interactive workshop for a deepen engagement, fostering a vibrant news ecosystem.

Brands, Shops, eShops, public and private entities can add own phygital Xspots for further ecosystem interactions

Advertainment. Weei.Press

Revolutionizes adv engagement blending advertisement with entertainment and interactivity.

With XCircle transforming the news into a powerful contextualized value-added advertising message that allows exclusive value-added interactions (chats, shopping, sharing and more).

Our call-to-actions are synchronized with the news context, delivering relevant commercial proposals and experiential messages tailored to the audience's interests.

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Free the power of your Corporate News

Engage your target in your mission


Beyond a simple  communication

Immerse your business communications in an interactive dialogue with mainstream media and key opinion leaders.

Experience a dynamic exchange where your message is amplified and enriched through direct interaction, fostering deeper engagement and understanding within your audience.

Your customer and even your retail consumer can interact with your company's information, products and services directly or buy your products from your public relations action.


Beyond a simple  Press Conference

Elevate your press conference into an immersive experience for customers, clients, and mainstream media alike. Captivate your audience with interactive elements, engaging presentations, and firsthand insights, ensuring that every participant feels fully immersed in the event.

Effortlessly synchronize call-to-actions with your message, linking to in-depth articles, attachments, documents, and products for seamless purchasing opportunities.

Geo-localize interactions to engage your target audience precisely where they are, ensuring that call-to-actions are strategically connected to maximize impact.


Beyond a simple  event

Turn your corporate events into captivating experiences that draw in mainstream media, customers, and even retail clients. Create immersive actions that leave a lasting impression, engaging attendees at every level and ensuring your event resonates far beyond its initial audience.

Extend your audience reach beyond physical spaces through geo-localized interactions. Engage with individuals precisely where they are, transcending geographical boundaries to connect with a diverse and expansive audience base.

Enhance your event experience with an array of synchronized call-to-action, strategically placed to engage audiences both locally and globally.

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