Beyond the News

Interactive News call-to-actions both video & audio synchronized with the context, contents, commercial proposal and experiential message

Free the power of your Corporate News

Engage your target in your mission


Beyond a simple communication

Mainstreams media and key opinion leaders interact directly with your business communications in a more immersive and comprehensive manner.

Your customer and even your retail consumer can interact with your company's information, products and services directly or buy your products from your public relations action.


Beyond a simple Press Conference

Transform your press conference into an immersive event for your customers, clients and mainstream media.

Sync call-to-actions with your message to in-depth articles, attachments, documents and even to your products for buying action.
Geo-localize your interaction with your target and call-to-actions connected.


Beyond a simple event

Transform your corporate events into an immersive action to engage mainstream media, customers and event retail clients.

Beyond the real space and physical interaction enlarge your audience in a Geo-localize manner.

Add more call-to-action in Sync with the event both locally and around the world.

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